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Before you decide to your young wife in your embrace will snooze, a authentic heir, by a sister born, you should have

He renamed Mercury, “Nabu.” Marduk developed a priesthood which researched omens in addition to a horoscope Having said that consequences the planets–as well as their namesakes–had on Earthlings.

The Anunnaki loosed plagues, nuclear bombs as well as other weapons of mass killing on us. They forced mutually unintelligible languages and scripts upon us and withheld knowledge.

On Mars, Nibirans manned a spaceport and lasered a monument to Alalu, just one of their kings, who was exiled to Mars and died there.

Enlil select for now to maintain key The reality that he knew exactly where the nukes hid and the way to activate them. [

Quite a few Sumerians who survived the fallout fled Marduk. “Refugees were given asylum all around the Mesopotamia. They transformed their host international locations into flourishing states. Some ventured into additional distant lands, accompanying the displaced gods.

” then despatched chariots after them. Enlil, whose astronomical desktops showed him accurately how the Red Sea drained and refilled as Nibiru now neared Earth, guided the Israelite exodus.

While you begin, your are likely to be virtually bombarded with a complete whole lot to study and absorb. This tends to go on for the higher Section of a yr or so. You’ll be expected to put in writing you could try these out essays to explain what and how you are piecing collectively The brand new image you create of how matters actually work.

relates a Nibiran god “whose symbol was a seeing eye on an elliptical rod” guided four clans in boats” from Sumer to Guatemala. “The 4 clans trekked inland, split into numerous tribes. One, the Mexica,

’” In his intellect the stay of the Anunnaki on Earth was nearing an conclude and he would prefer to wipe out all lifetime right look at here now before they departed for Nibiru. “Nothing at all grew and winds, heat and drought haunted them. Tremors and quakes go to this website turned regular functions.”

Enki created Enkidu, an android, to tame Gilgamesh and sent the tantric practitioner Shamhat to tame him. Gilgamesh and Enkidu fought, then grew to become best buddies. Gilgamesh went with Enkidu into the rocketpad at Baalbek to plead While using the gods for the rocket to Nibiru for immortality he assumed they loved.

Michael continues by telling me he wishes to share An additional letter he acquired from this similar Military Industrial Complicated Group Insider (Michael’s conditions). He can’t expose the name of the group, he suggests, but the letter is filled with knowledge that not as well Lots of individuals on this World are privy to:

The tallest pyramid reported rises three hundred metres large. Its sides evaluate five hundred metres extensive –two moments larger sized than and twenty moments the quantity of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Properly inside of, Michael noticed it absolutely was a spherical composition with a wonderful mattress in the middle, with attractive fabrics, making up the whole inside. For a few cause, as soon as he got within, Michael identified it very disorienting, and sometimes he couldn’t locate the door back again out.

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