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Enki’s designed a sterile lab; its air-conditioned is “the source from the biblical assertion that after having fashioned the Adam, Elohim ‘blew in his nostrils the breath of daily life. Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda mapped chromosomes, genes and genomes. They fertilized ova in test tube flasks with sperm soaked in Nibiran blood serum and mineral nutrients.

is an interesting character in his very own proper. He seems to know a whole lot much more than He's allowing out, as we shall see while in the Michael Lee Hill situation later on During this paper. Nevertheless, it starts now with the Copeland interview.

Anunnaki cycled home. First they rocketed to Mars. From Mars extended-length spaceships raced to intercept and land on Nibiruas it moved by away from its perigee. “Benefitting from Mars’ reduced gravity in comparison with Earth’s, the Anunnaki uncovered it easier to move them selves as well as their cargos in shuttlecraft from Earth to Mars, and there transfer to achieve Nibiru. Mars had water, walled buildings, roadways, a hublike compound” as well as the statue of Alalu’s confront. [

The temple featured a 100 x two hundred foot main hall and also a smaller place for Moses’ Arc. Solomon place the Ark within the rock the place Abraham started to get rid of his son Isaac to prove himself faithful to Enlil.

Harappa showcased two-stories higher, baked brick equivalent houses with flat roofs; Each and every with windows that forgotten a courtyard.

” His successors set the Law of Succession: once the King dies, his son together with his father’s 50 %-sister succeeds.

“All everyday living on this planet, from birds to fishes, flora to algae, and all the way down to microbes and viruses–all have the very same DNA, the four nucleic acid letters from which all genes and genomes are created. The DNA of the Anunnaki was the same as the DNA of all daily life on Nibiru. The DNA in the world and also the DNA on Nibiru ended up a similar.” Our genome–below 30,000 genes–holds 223 genes without evolutionary predecessors. These 223 genes, absent in vertebrae evolution, control the human body and head. The theory of panspermia, that Earth was “seeded from somewhere else,” was incised in clay tablets millennia back.

The Xianyang pyramid in Qinghai province near Mount Baigong’s prime rises 200 ft amidst pieces of pressurized fuel and water pipes fabricated from cobalt and things exogenous to advice Earth.

Once the miners Reduce gold to Badtibira, Enlil despatched Ninurta to investigate. Miners “ended up backbiting and lamenting, within the excavations they were being grumbling.

Drawing from Anu’s temple at Uruk shows “multistage rocket atop which rests the command cabin, engines at the bottom, Igigi Astronauts inside of.

“The Put of Launching, the Spaceport, obliterated: the Mount inside of which the managing equipment was positioned was smashed; the launch platforms were being created go to website to fade off the face of your Earth.

The nice Pyramid entrance had a 20-ton nearly invisible swivel door, nearly invisible when shut and lacked a grasp from the surface. The pyramid’s cornerstones have ball and socket building that adjusts to heat growth and earthquakes. Temperature within stayed 68 Levels Fahrenheit.

He gave his part-Earthling son Ziasudra a pc software that showed Ziasudra learn the facts here now how to build the submersible to save his Group.

They built us worship them and serve the “royal” lines of at any time-murderous hybrid rulers and clergymen–the elite–they begat. Almost all of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru. A couple of who remained in the world and also the hybrids by way of whom they however rule give all factions and nations credit score and arms and engineer wars amongst them. The elite operate competing religions which Each and every say they’ll bring back again the Anunnaki god in their religion and defeat gods and followers of other faiths.

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